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The Causes and Prevention of Decalcification Spots

Getting your braces off is an exciting event! Having beautiful, straight teeth can be great for building confidence, with results that can last a lifetime. It can be a bit disappointing, though, to find that your teeth are marked with chalky white patches after your braces are removed. If this has happened to you, don’t fret. There are several solutions that can get your smile back to a uniform shade of pearly white! If you’re still wearing your braces, listen up! Below you’ll find some important tips for keeping your smile spotless!

What Causes Decalcification?

It’s a common legend that braces can cause these spots to appear, but in reality they are the result of plaque buildup just like any other form of tooth decay. These chalky patches, or dental decalcification, affect 24% of all teenagers without braces. That number jumps up to 50% in teenagers with braces!* Although braces are not directly responsible for causing these white spots to form on your teeth, they can complicate the process of plaque removal, the culprit! Decalcification most commonly affects the region between the gums and the brackets where plaque is most difficult to remove. Here at Owens Orthodontics, we are happy to equip you with the proper tools and knowledge needed to keep your teeth healthy and spot-free while your smile is being reshaped! Getting your braces off should be nothing less than a moment of excitement and joy.

How do You Avoid Decalcification?

The best way to prevent decalcification is to keep your teeth clean of plaque. This can be done most effectively if you use a tooth brush specifically designed for orthodontic care (we will discuss this in depth when you get your braces on) and floss regularly. The plaque that builds up on the surfaces and between your teeth creates acids which deplete your tooth’s enamel of minerals over time. When you brush, be sure to focus on the areas that are obstructed by your brackets and wires, and pay attention to Dr. Owens when he shows you how to floss with braces. It’s also important to stay away from sodas and other foods that are high in sugar and acid, as these build plaque fast!

If you have any questions about how you should clean your teeth with braces, or if you have noticed that white spots have already formed on your teeth, please call our office. At Owens Orthodontics, we want you to receive the best smile possible, and we will do everything in our power to help you get there!



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