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Orthodontics Early Can Make a World of Difference

As your dentist may have shared with you, there are numerous benefits to having straight, properly spaced teeth and correct bite alignment. It has been scientifically proven that orthodontic treatment can significantly improve self-esteem, and as a byproduct, the quality of relationships and performance at school and work. But what few people apart from orthodontists know, is that the benefits of braces extend far beyond aesthetic improvement. In fact, like many dental treatments, proper orthodontic care can have a positive effect on the health of your whole body. For this reason, it’s best to start the corrective process early – if at all possible, during childhood.

The best time for a child to see an orthodontist is age seven, because it’s optimal for determining whether they will require orthodontic treatment. By this time, most permanent teeth have grown in, so cross bite, crowding and other dental problems can be assessed. By examining a person’s mouth during childhood rather than waiting for adulthood, an orthodontist can anticipate how their teeth will shift as their mouth grows. Through gentle treatment, an orthodontist can guide the development of children’s jaws and the growth of permanent teeth, to avoid the need for future extractions due to crowding. Harmful activities such as grinding, thumb sucking, and nail biting can also be deterred more effectively if caught during childhood.

When orthodontic treatment is administered early, a number of serious dental conditions can be avoided. As mentioned before, thumb sucking, grinding and other bad habits can lead to the misalignment and deterioration of permanent teeth. These problems can complicate corrective procedures administered during adulthood. Similarly, crooked or crowded teeth are significantly harder to brush and floss effectively. If untreated through adulthood, this can lead to tooth decay in hard-to-reach places that may require complex filling procedures, or even extraction, to repair.

To put it simply, childhood orthodontics greatly simplifies dental care later in life, not to mention builds excellent hygiene habits early. Come see us today to find out what orthodontic plan is best for your child. It’ll make adult dental visits a breeze!

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